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Nursery Information

Native Seeds and Land Repair owner, Clayton Stokoe, has spent a lifetime focusing on the collection, propogation and rehabilitation of native species and has an excellent understanding of the needs of the nursery industry.

Seed Catagories:
Seed species are seperated into two catagories: Perishable seeds and Storable seeds.

Storable Seeds are generally collected from plant communities that are associated with fire ecology. Due to their storability we generally have good year-round stocks of these species. Please contact us for more detailed information on current stock levels of specific species.

Perishable Seeds are generally associated with plant communities where fire is absent. Perishable seeds are only available at a specific time in the year and have a very limited storage life. Perishable seeds may have a life span of several days to several months. If you are interested in being on our email list for prior notification of up and coming perishable seed, please email

Quality Assurance:

We understand the complexities of seed ecology are immense. Seed germination is a complex issue with many potential variables that can impact on germination. We strive to obtain the best up to date information and encourage feedback if our seed results in low performance outcomes. This feedback allows us to continually develop our processes to ensure that we can continually improve the quality of our seed supply.

Credit may be negotiated when seed supplied results in low performance outcomes.

Please contact us to discuss your Nursery seed requirements and how we can assist your operation.