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We really love what we do. We love being out in the bush. Our seed collecting trips are always a journey of discovery, adventure and learning. Most of the time it is great fun, but occasionally trying. Below is a selection of the many photos we have taken over the years of our adventures for you to enjoy.

  Acacia amblygona Acacia bancroftiorum pods drying Acacia harvesting  
  Acacia coreacea Acacia coreacea Acacia spectablis  
  Acacia juncifolia Acacia lieocalyx Collecting  
  Bogged Bogged again Seriously bogged  
  Break time Collecting camp Drenched  
  Heading home Scouting Product for processing  
  Drying product Ghania aspera Water crossing  
  Remote communications Hovea acutifolia Pruning  
  Seed cleaning Collecting Cymbopogon Unbogging  
  Daviesia genistifolia Dodonaea filifolia Gecko  
  Syzygium australe Syzygium francisii Pultenaea euchila  
  Drying and processing Drying and processing Drying and processing  
  Site revegetation Specialized seeding equipment Specialized seeding equipment  
  Drying product Drying product Seed drying  
  Pultenaea retusa harvesting Pennesetum alopecurioides harvesting Heteropogon harvesting  
  Drying and processing Drying and processing product for processing  
  Drying product Drying product Product for processing  
  Melaleuca nodosa harvesting Pultenaea euchila processing Eucalyptus socialis harvesting  
  Acacia bancroftiorum pods Acacia falcata podsthumb Pultenaea spinosa drying  
  Hovea lorata Harvesting Hovea ramulosa