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Gahnia aspera seed Company Information

From very humble beginnings and an even smaller budget, Clay Stokoe has been collecting and supplying native seed to the revegetation industry for 25 years. The growth and demands of the revegetation industry has seen Native Seeds and Land Repair consistently expanding over this period in order to meet demand, maturing into a leading native seed supplier.

Through extensive years of fieldwork, Clay Stokoe and team have developed a very intimate and practical knowledge of plant sciences. This has given the business a particular advantage in the eastern states, and also contributed to influencing the development of practical, achievable, and cost effective outcomes for revegetation.

Supported by a team of experienced collectors, Native Seeds and Land Repair now collect all over the eastern states. The team continue to harvest increasing volumes of common species, as well as unusual and interesting plant species in our efforts to support the interests (and push a few boundaries), of a growing industry.

We are constantly receiving terrific feed back from nurseries with regards to the consistent quality and viability of our seed. We collect a large range of rainforest / perishable seed and supply them immediately for propagation.

We take great pride in the quality of our seed stock and work to maintain a diverse range of native Australian seeds as well as a high level of informed advice and information to assist our customers in achieving their needs.